The easiest way to group tracks and tracks routing

Hey guys,

I don’t want to sound confusing so maybe it’s two separate questions.

When I group tracks with Ctrl+g, it automatically creates a folder too. After I name the group, I have an empty folder which I have to manually rename (from the 'Folder).
Is it possible to rename the folder automatically to the name I choose for the group?

The second question is about the direct routing, if the new group is within another group, I have to make sure that the newly created group is routed to the outer one, it doesn’t always happen and by default it will be router to Stereo Out, but of course if I create it within another group I want it to be routed to that outer group. Similarly, when I create new tracks inside a group, those tracks will again be routed to Stereo Out be default, and I have to remember to change this myself, and after that when I create tracks outside of this group, Cubase will want to route them to the last selected settings which is that other group…

Is there a way to change those settings? Or is it just something you need to get used to? I just see I make errors all the time

Thanks a lot!

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How do you define inside a group?
If the channel is not routed to the group it is not “inside”

Just my recent thoughts! :handshake:
There is no way to automate it unfortunately.

Use templates or… manual routing


Thanks guys

Yes I mean if you create a new channel inside a folder and adjacent (below) another channel inside that folder it would be nice for Cubase to assume you want to route it to the same group as all the channels inside the folder

I see I’ll try to get used to it then, maybe I’m getting confused because in Ableton Live it happens automatically

Thanks guys