The "Edit Channel Settings" button in sample (or midi) editor view

Actually I 'm not sure if I should tag this as an “issue” or a “feature request”. Anyway, why this simple command doesn’t work when I 'm on editor (any editor) view? I don 't get it.

Perhaps give a reproduction of your issue because I have no clue as to what you are talking about?

What do you mean “when I’m on editor (or any editor) view?”

Well, when I enter the sample or midi editor, the toggled “e” button doesn’t function. I think this is happening since Cubase 's day zero, but I do not see why it is.

Edited the title for better feedback…

I think I understand now.

The “e” in the midi editor and the “e” on the mix console serve as totally different commands. I agree the icons should be changed because they look identical which is misleading.

As you know the “e” on the mix console opens the Edit Channel Settings.
The “e” in the midi editor opens the quantize panel and has nothing to do with the Edit Channel Settings.

test 76
test 78

No, I meant about calling the channel inspector with the comment “e” of the keyboard.

Well, I’m lost. You say “comment of “e”” and “calling the channel inspector.” Do you mean “e” is a key command for you?

This is the first time you have even mentioned the inspector. The other times you referred to the midi and sample editors.

If you have your midi track focused on the Project Page, and the Inspector open, there is an “e” to the right of the track title. That opens the Edit Channel Settings for MIDI tracks.

Maybe someone else will chime in because I don’t understand your last post.

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Sorry about this, I meant command. English is not my native language. My post is about opening channel inspector when I am not on the project page, e.g.: when I am on the channel’s editor. I assumed that I am still “channel focused”.

No worries.

So for example you have the Project Page focused, and maybe a track is also focused in the project page. Now you open the Key Editor. Your assumption is that once you open the Key Editor and the Key Editor is in focus, the Inspector will remain focused?

If that is what you meant, no you can only have 1 window at a time in focus. The Inspector is really part of the Project Page, even though it can have it’s own focus. There is no way to open the Inspector independently. (see studio>more options>studio panel to see what can be opened independently. Notice Inspector is not there)

So you would have to use the Key Command (KC) Project>Bring to Front to focus the Project Page, make whatever changes in the Inspector, then a KC to open the Key Editor again to get back to where you were.

I’m I’m still not getting it…keep trying!

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I’ve already made a macro but it’s kind of annoying.

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