The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code was already registered by another user.

I bought a b-stock Ur22 from and it seems everything is registered and I can´t do much about that. Trying to file a support ticket but they send me to links to stores unrelated to the issue?

The license codes for Cubase AI are not available through 3rd parties. You should fill out a support ticket and ask for one.

If you have other audio software, the interface should work just fine, because the drivers don’t require registration.

I tried filling out a support ticket but those send me to instruments stores, not steinberg?

Not sure what country you’re in, but here in the US we can use this page:

I hope this helps.

Just a heads up: Don’t be surprised if Steinberg support takes 1,5-2 months to reply. Their customer support is a mess.

Also just contact Thomann. I guess they used the UR22 in a demonstration or so and forgot to deregister. It’s up to them to release the eLicenser.
Their customer support btw. is the best I know. Probably be fixed within a day or two.

thank you very much for that. This has taken so long that it even slipped my mind.