The elicenser stop work and blocked the cubase


i change the cubase on my copmuter
and after the secound loading eLicenser. i got amassage that the eLicenser can not be used for any transactions.
what the problam and how can is solve this


Hi @moshe_danieli and welcome!
You need to install the last version here elicenser | Steinberg
and please update your data with the machine, city, and so on!


i did it i installed the latest version

but what you mean " updete the machin city?"

I meant the Os (Win or Mac) and the city or country where you live!

I saw your other post (The elicenser) where the issue is the software license: probably it depends on a new install over the old one (unfortunately I prefer the dongle, so someone more accustomed to the software elC should help you).

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