The Entire History of Cubase( YouTube video)

someone took the time to make a video on cubase history


Thanks for sharing. Respect to Steinberg. I started my journey with LE4, but I love the history from before that time that has made all that we have today possible.

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i “started” with cubase vst 5 (well it was not legitimate ) i was like 30 year old and never had computer before, i didnt know what those yellow things were in windows (folders) becuse of cubase i got computer learned even programing (never work at it) and eventually work as a keyboard player on gigs and eventually bought cubase 5 (now 12 pro)and make living also with small home studio and on a pro studio
(thanks to that guy that gave me pirated copy of cubase vst 5 :face_holding_back_tears:)

I started in 1990 with a second-hand Atari 1040 with 4meg from a mate who swapped to Mac and waiting for the Linking program for the Midi and audio to work together in Cubase.
I bought a Zip drive later and a few Akai samplers and used Scsi and Replay 16 sampler and the rest is history. I can honestly say since the first day of using Cubase all those years ago, there hasn’t been week that i haven’t used Cubase . 57 years old and like alot of us, born at just the right time to see the start and growth of Steinberg . Over half my life with Steinberg, Crickey that’s scary . All those love, hate update relationship over the years but … we are still here :heart: :+1: :grin:

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That’s a great video! I purchased Cubase version 1 around 1990 that was I owned the Macintosh IIci and started the Cubase user. Since then I really loved the Cubase 4 that was having a great GUI for me. After that, came the Cubase 7 which wasn’t cool for me because of the user interface(GUI) and its coloration(it’s too dark for me!!!) but I still use the latest V12 Cubase because I love Cubase. :love_you_gesture:

Cool video! Although I think the switch from arr/all to cpr moving from SX2 to SX3 could’ve been mentioned. Because this represented a big turning point for most users?

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