-The Evolution Program-

Hey everybody! My friend and I just put up a little EP we had been working on all summer. Its about human evolution and how we will become one with the machine eventually. All tracks were composed by us and developed only with the Cubase native plug-ins.

Hope you guys like and let me know what you think!


Hey Andres, just opened your Soundcloud and gonna work my way down the list.


Really liked the intro and the little build up into the main section. Nice little melodic hook too. I imagine playing a videogame to it, although not sure what kind. It’s not a genre I could sit and listen to just by itself without doing something like playing a game but I really like the combination of the electronic sounds here.


This track also had a nice intro and a slightly Far East harmony, especially on the last chord. Sounded good too, but definitely not quite as good as the other 4 tracks, but the other 4 tracks are very strong so :slight_smile:


I remember this one from the other thread. Once again, a good melodic and harmonic hook. Definitely the catchy track of the collection. Do the chord changes come in faster than you originally had them? I remember it was my main criticism. It flows a lot better than it did before, sounds a little faster too which is good. The bass sounds good on the main sections, well it sounds good in the 1:20 section too, I’m just not a fan of that kind of sound :stuck_out_tongue: Reminds me of Gangnam Style for the sound of it.


Really nice intro, whatever sounds they are sound really nice. Another really good melodic and harmonic hook, was really enjoying it up until the 1:16 section. It’s still well made my ears just can’t come to terms with those kinds of bass sounds. For the genre it’s in can totally see people that enjoy this genre digging this track. I think a nice female vocal would be awesome with this track.

Really well done overall. My biggest compliment is the consistency of melodic and harmonic hooks throughout the tracks, it’s always the first thing I hear in music. Production always comes second to me perhaps because I started off as a score writer, but the production on all these tracks is really good. You should be proud, so congrats :slight_smile:

Really good work…r-evolution stands out for me…Kevin

@ Jonathan:
Thanks for taking the time and giving us so much feedback man! We really appreciate it. We’ve been getting into production for the past 2 years, and even though we are not at the level we would like to be, we feel we are in the right path. Regardless, its awesome to hear good comments, specially coming from a talented person like you! Hopefully in the near future (when i’m not consumed by schoolwork!) I’ll be getting more into cinematic production. When that time comes I might need to steal a few tips and tricks from you my man :wink:

@ Shadowfax:
Thanks again for the comment man! I know i’ts not your genre of choice but I appreciate you taking the time to listen to our tracks anyways!

@ Shadowfax:
Thanks again for the comment man! I know i’ts not your genre of choice but I appreciate you taking the time to listen to our tracks anyways![/quote]

I’m not as genre specific as you think, the music I write and produce is not indicative of the music I listen to, best to you, Kevin