The Falling Mosquito (Jazz/Soundtrack)

The night I started to compose this some mosquitos were giving me a hard time and I decided to name this “The falling mosquito”. Then I added saxophone SFX to mimic the sound of a mosquito. Please let me know if there’s anything I can improve on. Thanks

The Pink Panther Cartoons and games have affected me to compose this I guess.

Pretty cool, Masoomi! What did you use for saxes?

For the first time I have used two plugins at the same time to play a solo instrument fogging the mind into believing it’s one instrument using panning. the samples for trombones are Berlin Brass solo trombone + Mojo horn section CL Trombone one panned 40% to right the other panned 20% to the left. The Sax, one was Mojo Horns Section and the other was ol’ Kontact Factori. Do you think they sound convincing?

Yes, certainly one of the saxes was convincing! I guess it was the Mojo Horns. Interestingly, I was just exploring the Kontakt factory sax sounds for another piece I wrote a while ago, and for a simple part, it was pretty ok!

This is coooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll

another thing I found was that the lower volume setting on notes brings a very intimate and more realistic sound out of factori sax but the down side is there’s little place for adding dynamics when the note volume is already at the minimum. that’s why I tried this method which I don’t know if people have used or been using before I gave it a shot.

Thanks bro
I remember one of your songs had a fly noise in it if I’m not mistaken. so I might have been influenced by you :smiley: