The fantastic SpectraLayers 11 - NOW AVAILABLE! 15% off on UPDATES

Dear all,

It’s a great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of SpectraLayers 11, the biggest launch in product history! With new features in all areas of the application, ranging from Unmixing to Processing to User Interface, Editing, Automation and Visual Display, version 11 sets new Industry Standards in the areas of Unmixing, Spectral Audio Design and Spectral Repair.

TOP features:

Industry-leading Quality in Unmixing and Spectral Repair

  • Unmix Song AI for dramatically increasing the quality of unmixing entire songs
    New Voice/Instrument Unmixing functions including Multiple Voices, Lead/Background, Crowd Noise, Brass
  • AI-driven DeClipper and DeNoiser for dramatically improving the quality of recordings
  • M/S Unmixing for splitting Stereo and Multichannel audio files into discrete mid/side components

Dramatically improved Workflows and User Interface

  • New Modules Panel to accommodate the ever-increasing number of available processes
  • New Home Screen for quick access to recent files and further information
    Modules Chain for individual multi-process configurations across whole layers or selections
  • Batch Processing for exporting sophisticated Module chains, including Unmixing tasks

New Editing and Sound Refinement tools

  • Volume Envelope Automation is now available for the first time in SpectraLayers
  • Transient Pencil Tool for reconstruction of missing transients and applying creative Sound Design
  • Improved Multiple Layers Operations for editing and management for different layers at once
  • Time-Reverse Module for limitless Sound Design adventures

For a limited amount of time you can save 15% on every UPDATE.

All new SpectraLayers 11 features can be seen here:

Please find the SpectraLayers 11 new feature videos here:

Have fun with SpectraLayers 11!


For how long will the 15% discount be offered?



System requirement on the purchase field only mentions MAC

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Well caught! Surely must be a mistake, but a very good question! I am a Win user…



Hi Magnus_N,

The 15% intro offer for existing customers will be available until June 30.

All the best,


Great, thanks. Also, surely 11 is for Win as well, right? The purchase page only mentions Apple. So I feel a little confused.



Of course it is. We’re updating the shop overlay right now. The information will be available shortly.


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Ah, great. Thanks for confirming.



Congrats on the great release!


It is impossible to download the program. I have the 10 but I enter my card information, the bank says it authorizes the purchase but the download page says that the transaction was not authorized by the bank
I can’t download…it says to contact them but there’s no way…I’m desperate

I’m not sure what you did, but If the transaction is not authorized you rella need to talk to your bank.
In case you want to contact the Online Shop at Fastspring have a look here

Super nice… its bought!

I used my Visa card to buy the upgrade from 10 til 11. But there was no verification or 2 factor payment on my Steinberg account. I just entered my card number, pressed buy… and got a download code. Almost too easy :slight_smile:

Hmm… is it something I can enable manually on my account, using Visa payment?


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I’m not sure what you did, but If the transaction is not authorized you rella need to talk to your bank…La transación SI la autoriza el banco pero luego, estedes dicen que no

Hi! I use Spectralayers One V10.

Is there an upgrade to Spectralayers One for V11?



Ah, an update price that incentivizes early adoption. Rare, but brilliant. Bravo. Congrats on this super nice release. I have watched Doms video and look forward to play around with it.

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WOW! The new Voice DeNoise with the “strong” setting is nothing short of amazing.

For me this function has immediately made the update cost paid for.
In this specific case I’m working on it has achieved a significantly better result than the previously used Unmix Noisy Speech.


As I Said, you need to get in Touch with Online Shop Support. The Link is in my Posting.

Sorry but I’m sick of this. I’ve lost count of how many times you guys have done crap like this with the pricing.

I am not going to sit here and applaud a “generous” 15% off for upgrades, when literally the other week you were actively advertising 40% off to go from 9 to 10 and get a free update to 11.

How is that in any way fair for loyal customers who have already given you more money than people who haven’t given you anything?

Please explain the logic to me of penalising customers who give you this long term support and who have upgraded every version.


Hey, thats true…=(

For no reason at all, people like us who were already on SL10 got a much worse deal!
This is not nice, Steinberg.


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