The fast way to find folders in ALL dialogs?

This might not make a lot of sense if you use Cubase itself more than Windows to handle files for you but here we go:

If I’m using Windows Explorer to find a folder with a project to open I usually have more files in that root folder that is being used in the project.
If I’m using Windows Explorer to find folders with more useful resources whatever that might mean for any particular project I use WinExp a lot because that’s how I do what I do, don’t ask! :blush: :laughing:

Now in Windows you have two basic type of dialogs to find files to use in whatever program you use.
“Search for folder” and “Search for file(s)”

In the “search for folder”-dialog you CAN NOT cut and paste a folder path you find in WinExp eg:
C:\Cubase projects\new songs\my latest song
This might be a Windows shortcoming, I dunno, but like when you backup a project you have to click your way to finally arrive at your desired destination folder. There are more examples … lots more!

Then there is also the “search for file”-dialog for other tasks where you CAN paste in a file path like above.
Then you’re teleported to that in a mouse click, no matter where on your hard drive that happens to be!
This is such a great way at least for me to navigate I wish it was always available!!!
But sometimes there is only the tedious “search for folder” dialog. :unamused:

Not everything I’ve done is put in folders close to the root of the hard drive …
If there was a possibility of always being able to copy/paste a file path to get where you want I’d be very happy!!! :sunglasses: