The File Cannot Be Found

Hello All,

Is there a way to have Wavelab reconnect to missing or moved files? I organized some session folders and Wavelab doesn’t see the files now. I’m not seeing it.


Usually when you open a montage and a file has gone missing, WaveLab asks you to manually find the missing file(s) and it goes from there.

Are you talking about montages or other types of WaveLab work?

Its a montage. I just tried quitting and restarting to see if WL would ask to find the missing files but it did not. I’ll try specifically closing and opening the montage next.

Ah ha! I’ve got it. Just opened under Recent Montages and voila! The files are back.
Thanks for your help Justin!

Good deal. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific but I am not in front a computer that can open WaveLab at the moment. Glad you solved it though.