The firewire audio interfaces that I got to work on Windows8

Hi all. I’ve been looking for multiple channel audio interfaces for windows 8 since my emu 1616 cardbus is dying (the adapter is cracked).
if you have a working 1616 cardbus, it does work with windows 8 pro.
I bought a motu 828 mk2. it works well on my Lenovo laptop with a belkin 3 port 1394 cardbus adapter. it has a via chipset.
I also bought a focusrite saffire pro 24. it too works with the Lenovo.
my hp laptop is different though. it has built in firewire. the motu works fine with it, but the focusrite dice drivers are incompatible. focusrite have a free ohci tester to check before buying…
I bought an expressCard 54 firewire adapter on ebay for about £30. AboCom 1394A… it has a texas instruments chipset. the focusrite works with it, as does the motu.
running windows pro 64 bit.
have tested using Cubase a.i. 4 and Cubase le 1.07. also working well with presonus studio one v2.51.
hope this info helps if anybody is looking for firewire audio interface for windows 8 pro. ed

motu are bullet proof with future proof drivers as long as you use a texas chipset card then they will work on what ever version windows gets rolled out , that’s the reason ive stayed with motu ( unless you have the early 324 card)


yes. I bought 2408 with 324 and it hardly worked on any pc. replaced with 424 card. sounded better and works great with 2 x 2408 on windows 7 64 bit…

I bought an 896HD MOTU in 2004 and initially the drivers were so bad that it took me 3-4 weeks to get it set up. Within 2 months they released an updated FireWire driver and it had renamed everything and mixed it up to the point where I did not use the interface for nearly a year. The TI firewire still lives in my newest motherboard. The last 6 years have been great and rock steady