The first song that touched me to the core back in 1965.

In between songs of Beatles/Stones/Dave Clark/Who etc., which I loved, someone put this one on and I was like struck by lightning at the age of 13.
Haven’t ever met anyone who loved this one too, do you?

For me, it was this Donovan tune:

likewise. First time I’m ever heard this song and the one Nick linked. I guess I’m a Donovan ignoramus :confused:

Yeah, I was a fanatic back then. Learned Sunny Goodge Street and half the songs from “Gift From a Flower to a Garden”. Saw Dononvan on the Rock and Roll hall of fame and he was awesome, his speech was a lyrical poem, never gave an inch…

Donovan has been productive far beyond his 60’s heyday and some of the stuff is, IMO, quite good

When I heard it when I was about your age ( :sunglasses: )I thought it was very close to Dylan’s “Chimes Of Freedom”.

The first song I recall in the way you suggest was The Cascades’ The Rhythm Of The Rain (or some such).