The first time I start Cubase it gives an error. (Safe Mode)


I bought Cubase and download install and start for the first time. But I get this error: The application was terminated with an error while excepting the following file:/usr/lib\dyld


And when loading it ask for rescan Waves Audio.

Also how can I open Cubase without open the Waves plugins.

I have High Sierra OS.

Can please someone help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, your Waves plug-ins are up to date, please. If the crash persist, get in contact with Waves, please.

Is there also a way how I can start Cubase without Waves?


In the Safe Start Dialog, you can disable all 3rd party plug-ins. Or you can uninstall Waves or rename the the plug-ins folder to make sure, Cubase skip the folder while scanning.

The strange thing is if I deactivate all 3rd party plug-ins I still can’t open Cubase. When I disable in the pop-up safe start menu, it loads plug-ins after that Cubase indicates that cubase has shut down, and stopped unexpectedly.


I see, I just realised, you are on macOS 10.13… This is not supported system. It’s a known issue, Cubase crashes while start. Search the forum, please.

This is the main thread, I was referring to.

Many thanks!!

Should I uninstall Cubase first? Or just download the older Cubase file and install it and overwrite the current Cubase?


You have to uninstall Cubase 11.0.40/41 first. MacOs wouldn’t install an older version over the newer one.

Here you can download Cubase 11.0.30, which also officially doesn’t support macOS 10.13, but it works.

Many Thanks!!!

Thanks for the work around!