The floating menu bar, why do they keep it?

Just wondering…hate it myself but maybe there’s a good reason for it’s existance…

Floating menu bar?

Yeah, the seperate menu bar that means when you use 2 or 3 screens you lose real estate on the other screens…
I didn’t think it was popular and was just wondering if there is a particularly good reason for it to exist instead of the menu just being part of the top like it used to be…

just wondering out loud really… :slight_smile:

I really am not understanding what you are asking. Do you mean the transport?

I personally have nothing that ‘takes up real estate’ on any of my monitors. In fact I am kinda bummed that I still see the ‘Windows theme’ in the background on the two other monitors.

This is why I am confused by your question.

AFAIK it’s a side effect of Cubase being cross platform.
There have always been complains about the inconsistent and flaky window management.
They fixed it using their standard approach: one step forward, two steps back.

I just placed the menu bar on the rightmost display. This way, it won’t span across all displays.
Downside :
All file handling windows appear on the display with the menu bar.
AND they do not remember, if they where moved to another screen, anymore …

Also had to relearn, how to quit Cubase ( now using a key shortcut ).
Before, I always overlooked the tiny bar on the right display
and only closed the current project …

Not good.


Implementing the Menu bar dead on the Title bar (Nonclient Area) is a strange and risky design decision (hence the issues). I actually should be surprised a company with a long development history like Steinberg, delivers such a messy solution on an end product. But with the entire heap of strange design choices since Cubase 7, I’m actually not.

It’s a painful to see the tremendous user experience design deterioration of one of the most feature rich DAW’s today.

I really dislike the floaty menu bar. I cant think of any other PC software which does this. I lose screen real estate in my dual monitor set up. Each window also reduces the amount of space available. The industry seems to be converging on a skylight/Studio One/Logic single window with expanding panels design. I don’t know why Cubase decided to do something so non standard. I think Cubase needs a massive UI and workflow overhaul, to bring it up to date with modern design ideas. Too many clicks to do simple things.

I don’t have a problem with the new menu bar… My 2 screens look exactly the same as they did before it arrived. I have the menu bar on the left screen and windows spread around both monitors. I used to have the old style window stretched across two monitors, seems the same to me. The only difference really is that now there’s no Cubase grey background - but I don’t mind that, same for editing multiple Word docs or viewing/copying files with multiple explorer windows. Besides, I have a few gadgets that I like to see!

I do have two problems though. The first is that (may now be fixed) it becomes unresponsive. The 2nd is that Cubase completely disappears from the Windows toolbar at the bottom sometimes and the only way to get it back is to use the Alt-Tab shortcut to cycle through the active processes to Cubase. This may be fixed too now but I haven’t used the latest version much yet so I can’t tell.

I should say that Photoshop has this style as well, but if you prefer you can revert to the old style.


If I’m reading things right (always a risk) then for some folks the menu bar stretches across multiple monitors and they don’t like that (I wouldn’t either). But for myself and some others with multiple monitors the menu bar only shows on one monitor, which I assume the OP and others would prefer. So the real question is why does it behave one way for some and another for others?

Maybe it’s a difference in setups. I use 4 monitors and the menu bar always appears on the second monitor from the left (i.e. the left of my two middle monitors). This is also the same monitor that Windows is set to see as my primary monitor - where Windows puts its taskbar & start menu.

Both Cubase and WaveLab have been using the Qt for some time now, and while it has brought some great features, it also means that a few idiosyncrasies exist (such as losing the AOT ability which has annoyed so many of us).

I’m sure this will be resolved in time, and on the plus side, it accommodates an eventual Cubase on Linux :smiley:

Thought I’d post a screenshot for clarification since this thread is about how stuff looks.
Cubase menu.png

Qt is not the culprit here, there are quite a few applications out there that use Qt and have no problem keeping child UI elements on top. Cubase can manage that too, just not for the Mixer, and just after version 8, for reasons that nobody knows. Also, wasn’t Cubase 7 using Qt? AOT was not a problem there.

More than that, the menu bar has nothing to do with Qt either.

That is how it looks on my system, if I would use AMD eyefinity or nvidia surround I would expect the menu bar to stretch across all screens.

so why isn’t the menu bar an intergral part of the cubase project window like it used to be?
is it something to do with MS’s latest spyware W10?
my menu bar exits on one screen and leaves an unocupied empty space on the other two screens, also my mixer will not go to the top of the screen because it always rights itself to fit under the menu bar which is not there… :frowning:
it’s on another screen but forces the mixer under it as if it was on the screen… :confused:

sorry if this is explained somewhere in this post allready and i’ve missed it 'cause I’m thick :unamused: