the # for different keyboard layouts

For a lot of non UK/US keyboard layouts the sharp character is a 3 finger press action
my personal layout is Swiss French and I need to press Cntr+Alt+2 to get a #
when you enter a lot of chords with sharps it can soon be very tedious

I would like to ask for the “s” character to also produce the # character when entering chords

You mean you want the S key to produce “#” when you’re in the Shift+Q popover for chord symbols? If so, I’ll think about it. I’m not sure what the implications for the chord synbol parser would be if we were to allow “s” to be treated as if it were a #.

Before to have solution with only one key./finger.
Alt GR +3 …so you gain one finger
The Alt GR key is at the right of the spacebar.

Yess Daniel that’s it !
thanks for all of us witch need hand contortions for entering our # because of our keyboard layout.


Thanks Mike
It still is a big hand stretch

It still is a big hand stretch

A 7Th Major with the left hand of a pianist :wink:
Best regards


I just started trying out Dorico 3 and also have issue with a swiss-french keyboard. I tried remapping the. The right key for sharp would be “^”. I was able to assign it but it doesn’t work for note entry. This makes sense because to enter the character you have to double press the button, but it’s still annoying. Double tapping in write mode will disable other accidentals, so i think what is happening is that the double tap enables it then disables it immediately.

Any chance to get this to work ? I’m thinking of buying the license after my 30 days trial but this is problematic.


It seems me that you confuse the # key for writting chords in the Shift+Q popover…(the purpose of this topics) and the # to alter note in write mode: am I right?
I also use swiss french keyb (french in preferencde of dorico)…To have three consecutive buttosn of my computer keyboard, I assigned the alteration shortcuts in the numeric pad like in the picture
As SeeWhat said in another topics, if you need a lot of other shortcuts you can use the btn “Scroll Lock” like the the Button “Alt”.
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No, i did see the topic was about chords, i just figured the would be the same key issue, i now realize that it’s not.
Remapping keys like in Sibelius would be a solution, i just hope it won’t create a mess with lot’s of keys to reassign, i’ll try it out later on.

Re-thinking about it, using the numeric pad still isn’t great because i have to switch my hand from the mouse, so what i did it remap accidentals to 90’, because, how often am i going to need double whole notes anyway ? I can live without a shortcut for that.