The frame - overpriced and questionable?

Hi you,

I found this frame for housing 4 of the CMC controllers on the web. Well, of course a good idea to offer such a thing.

Can anyone explain what justifies the price that is almost as high as the one of a CMC controller unit. This seems crazy to me especially because THERE IS NO USB-Hub Integrated in the frame? This is again a point where I do not get steinberg at all: How can one create a frame for the CMC Controllers, which need usb connection and NOT include a usb hub???

Comeon steiny, please explain.


Yep that surprised me as well. I could build a similar frame from wood at half the price, including integrated powered usb hub etc, so this is a bit ridiculous.

Personally the strangest thing is it’s size. It’s really big compared to the footprint of the actual controllers.

But I hear you on the lack of USB though…

That too, they take up a lot of deskspace and give nothing in return at all. I don’t think they’ll be selling many of those tbh.

I am a little bummed about the fact that I will have 3 USB cables running to my 3 new controllers. Right now I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, so my surface is completly clean. It’s worth it to have one cable–a frame with an integrated USB hub would make me buy another CMC controller just to have no open bays in the frame :wink:

I think AudioMidi was offering the frame free if you bought 4, BTW… but still–no integrated powered USB hub.

As far as I know, the frames have the space to incorporate a midi hub, of course it would have been nice to incorporate one…but there we go…If it was a metal frame, I understand the pricing, but as its plastic, well, Im just gonna build a new desk to incorporate these…Mdf & my router here I come…(although as they are not availble in Europe until the 30th of this month…I have got plenty of time!..

n.b (and in my own honesty, my initial “verdict” was that they were rather poor, as I like many others were looking for something more “BLING”…but now that I have managed to put together the “BIG” picture…these units are quite unique in what they offer us, and WHEN I find out just how many can be linked into a single system,without any glitches…(4 x CMC -FDs = 16 faders MAX, afaik…But how many of the other units can be linked -4-6-8-10 -14??
What is the maximum amount of configerable units in the one system, anyone know that yet?

After having read the detailed descriptions here

I have to retract any doubts with first impressions…I would have liked Steiny/Yam (just for their Marketing departments feedback, as I really think they dropped the ball here!!..these units are truly fantastic, once you get by the initial advertsing confusion!!.. the very first thing they should have did to win MANY favourable comments concerning these units …is the following.

1st) Release the CMC Explorer to give us a detailed look at these they are deceptively well designed, build quality? but in recent form they will be very good performance wise.

  1. Have shown us videos with all potential configurable systems “IN USE” - IN PROJECT…yes I watched the video with Keiran,but all in all that was rather a quick rundown…I also have have seen the videos with Greg, again a bit more detailed, but, just not getting there as far in terms of possible uses… it woud have been nice if they had got a full blown multi channel setup with loads of the modules set up if money was no object…to their “max” as it were, all nicely installed in a dedicated desk setup…and using the system in an actual recording session.Control room & Talent Sends in use…(along with Zero latency monitoring, using multiple stacked units of The UR 824’s…Fully Miked Drum Kit, and the rest of “the band”… that would have got it just right!. (anyone listening?) THIS WOULD BE THE GAME CHANGER!.

…I would have been blown AWAY if they had been shown to me like this, for the cash, they are fantastic, the configurability, with the “Shift” key on each module…the way you can interchange & actually DESIGN your own console (albeit with a max of 16 faders)…the way the Meters turn to faders for a split sec,for adjustments, then switch back to meters…The way each channel has got 2 touch sections for switching mute & solo., the 4 velocity zones on the CMC-PD ( ooft many uses REALLY)…I could go on, but I have seen my big picture and it is SHOCKINGLY perfect… I see myself sitting back over the next two weeks, and I advise many others to do the same,before puchase, as Kieran got it spot on in the last sentence of the video…"Think about what ones you need,and what ones you want.)

I havent been as excited about hardware in a long time,after the initial disappointment…but to get a full blown setup for approx 2000 euros …I already own a CC121…

4 x CMC - FD = 16 bankable channels of Fader & Metering, showing a visual response to all my vsti’s channels in banks, (RMX,Kontatkt etc… A little adjustement to my project templates and … nice one!.
4 x CMC - PD = 2 x dedicated to 2 GA1 vsti’s & 2 x Battery ( 64 velocity sensing pads of Joy for my drum samples & efx triggering,…and easy access to banking midi notes, and 4 rotary encoders, & the 4 x Velocity mode suits me just dandy for sample layering! never mind using it in partnership with my Vdrums!..I’ll be jammin with the V Drummer/doing live Overdubs of Latin percussion…all nice and neat there in front …nice one!.
4 x CMC - QC’s dedicated to Any Vsti’s of my choosing (32 Endless encoders, 32 Eq Rotaries & 32 Dedicated Hot key Pads for what I want… (Kontakt/Nexus/Massive/Etc (Im also hoping the firmware/editor will allow changing the dedicated EQ assigns too…
1 x CMC - CH for Channel duties etc /
1 x CMC - TP for access to the Touch slider

after I spend the next month with google sketchup, an Arcade Rollerball, and a 22 inch touch flung in for good measure…all in all with custom sticky overlays for my dedicated shortcuts/keycommands …one word GENIUS!. :laughing:

Spot ON Steiny! I now know what Santa has brung me!. even if something bigger comes along, it wont be at this price! lol.

Well I suppose one can just put ones own USB hub into that frame probably… Unless it’s plastic that breaks or something…

As for 16 channels of metering… Good luck trying to figure out which meter is for which track without scribble strips… Might as well just watch the computer screen.

not until you slightly modify your work layout,especially using folders,then it makes a more sense…working with a template that takes the lack of scribble strips into consideration, and linking channels & mixer views then its not such a drawback…although I would like to be able to strongly colour the highlighted tracks…rather than white…this should come with an update…being able to colour code the linked channels brightly!. as for teh scribbles again.after thinking it out,

Ive had quite a few digital desks (Ramsa DA7,Dm2000.O2R etc, not a scribble in sight, and unconciously looking at projects in “Banks” of faders on screen becomes second nature…eventually. :laughing:

It doesnt really need them if you have bright colour coding, as you would be looking at the screen anyways, the same way you do, if using real faders and keeping your head straight at the monitor position. I envisage mounting them at a raised angle (25 degree tilt…in a custom desk in sight alignment of the screen,with using various Cubase Mixer presets…then its cool.

Fair enough, but quite a “personal studio-esque” solution. Clearly that’s a problem if you’re hiring freelance engineers that aren’t used to that specific setup. Heck, perhaps not even mainly based on Nuendo…

exactly! :smiley: something tailored to workflow,aimed at the way I work daily…These are the bomb for the money…and If all mounted in a custom desk…anything breaks,you just chuck in another replacement module…Im a convert :smiley:

Hello there…

It’s been interesting to read the responses, I also own a CC-121 and I was interested to add 2 CMC-FD to my set up and in the future another 2 then, I saw the frame and like you all I’m quite shock by the price but, I got also curious about the size…

There is not measurements at all about this device, can any of you or Steinberg representative light up this details??

Hi there,

I just want to say that the frames are really solid. It’s not a cheap plastic thing that will break easily or move around. I’ve been using it and it gives the CMC modules a totally different feel. Plus it looks cool with the flat black paintjob. :slight_smile:

That’s what everyone’s been saying - it’s an expensive plastic thing!

:smiley: I wanted to say that the quality of the frames is high!

The frames are materials that costs in manufacturing, shipping and have a price to make profits.
If you dont like-dont buy.

Hi Nubase,

I dont appriciate your comment :slight_smile:

One of the points of this forum is definitely to give feedback. This thread now contains a lot of good information, such as:

  1. The frame seems to be stable and not a “cheap thing”. fair enough!

  2. The original critical point that it does not have a usb-hub integrated is still valid. One might wonder what the product designers had in mind…

And… finally: Steinberg takes a lot of the forum (and other) user comments more seriously than ever, i.e. things may improve by providing feedback.

:slight_smile: Ernst

By the way, the frames are handcrafted in Germany! :slight_smile:

Hi you :slight_smile:

when I read this I see dozens of people with little knives carving these frames out of giant plastic cubes.

What a picture of german craftmenschip :slight_smile:

Hahahahaha :slight_smile: