The frames are copying each other!

Hello Dorico-ers!

I’m trying to create some practice exercises for the oboe excerpt La Scala that will eventually be included in a word document.

Each exercises is a measure or two in length and should have its own line floating on the page, with the goal of them looking nice and neat. I’ve tried two versions which I’ll attach if I’m able.

V. 1- “La Scala Exercises”
Here, all of the exercises are entered into the same frame, and I used system breaks to separate them on the page. The issue here is that while the first exercise is in 4/4, the next is in 3/4. However, there is a cautionary time change at the end of the first system, that should not be there (as it isn’t related to the first exercise). The actual time change on the second system should suffice. I’ve tried clicking that time signature and hiding it in the bottom panel, but then it hides both time signatures.

V2. “Oboe Exercises Multiple Frames”
To fix this I had a brilliant idea! I remembered one of the things I saw on the YT videos that made me want to make the switch to Dorico. I’m a theory teacher and saw the ability to make worksheets entirely within Dorico by creating a frame of text, then a frame of music, repeating as necessary.

So here, I created multiple frames and went to work, but they’re linked and what I do in one does the same thing in the others! It felt like a real “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” kind of moment…or maybe trying to kill a hydra…

So-- is there a way to unlink the frames so that they can show independent music from one another? I thought that was the point of having multiple frames on a page, I can’t imagine why I would need multiple frames of the same thing. OR-- is there a way to actually hide the time signature change in the original?

Bonus points if anyone can tell me how to make measure numbers disappear entirely since they’re not needed in an exercise like this!

Thank you!

La Scala Exercises.dorico (525.4 KB) Oboe exercise multiple frames.dorico (522.1 KB)

  1. To avoid showing cautionaries, use separate flows. Or do this.

  2. I took a look at your project. I understand what you’re trying to do, but it’s not the best way to accomplish it. Instead, I’d recommend only having one music frame, creating multiple flows (one for each exercise), and adding instructions as text objects. That avoids a page override as well, which is not ideal.

If you do wish to do it that way, you need to link the music frames so they’re all on the same chain. Your best bet is to edit the actual master page. Stand by… I’ll edit your project and upload it in a sec.

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Here’s the project with multiple music frames.

Bar numbers and flow headers can be hidden via Layout Options (Cmd-Shift-L).

Here’s your project the way I recommend doing it: one music frame, multiple flows, and text items as instructions.

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Fantastic, thank you Dan! I knew their had to be a way to do this. I never grasped that flows could be used in this way (so far I’ve just been using them for separate movements without consolidating them onto the same page. Was there anything special that had to happen to get all of the flows on the same page?
Is there one of the videos that is up to date for 3.5 that you’d recommend? The “best practices” for setups for different goals would be really helpful as I learn how to transfer my Sibelius skills to Dorico.


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You can allow/disallow flows to follow on from previous flows on the same page in each layout independently. You’ll also find most information relating to setting up layouts etc in that chapter in the manual, but you may also find John Barron’s Discover Dorico session on staff spacing useful.

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