The Free Energy Spectrum Soundbank by Sonic Sirius for the Steinberg - Retrologue 2

The Energy Spectrum Soundbank by Sonic Sirius for the Steinberg - Retrologue 2 VST Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Many Thanks To The Steinberg - Retrologue 2 Team For This Awesome Virtual Instrument
The flexible, intuitive Retrologue 2 emulates the warmth and fatness of classic analog
synthesizers, producing a wealth of sounds that will inspire you time and again.

You get 262 Professional Presets From The Sound Research Studio Sonic Sirius
146 x Arpeggios, 18 x Basses, 19 x Effects, 14 x Leads, 26 x Pads, 48 x Sequences

The Energy Spectrum Soundbank By Sonic Sirius For The Steinberg - Retrologue 2

• Inside the Download : 1 Soundset ’ Energy Spectrum ’ with 262 Presets
• Genre’s: Dance - Trance - New Wave - Electro - Modern Synth Music
• Style’s: Arpeggios - Basses - Leads - Pads - Sci-Fi’s - Sequences
• Format & File Size : *. VSTPRESET / 1 MB
• For: Retrologue 2 v2.2.10.134 or newer
• Presets Sound Design by: Sonic Sirius
• Release Date: 11-2019
• Price: Free - Gift

Royalty Free Soundset License
All ’ Sonic Sirius ’ Freeware Soundsets they can be used commercially in
things like movies, games, and anything else you might need a cool
sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.

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Be careful!
I went to download this and Norton warned me that it had blocked a malicious attack

Hi " AtariBoy " , thanks for the Message !
I check these Links with Antivir Software , there is no Malware or Virus etc in there !

I think " MediaFire " open sometimes another Windows with Advertising !

All is O.K !!!

I put my Version to You !
I check it " No Alarm - No Virus etc. inside !

Take this !

(Attachment The Energy Spectrum Soundbank by Sonic Sirius for the Steinberg - Retrologue 2.rar is missing)

Yes, I think it’s Mediafire trying to redirect to either a different ad, or to a false malware warning page, not the actual soundbank file itself
That’s enough for me to loose interest though

Thanks for the reply, and the offer of the file
The attachemnt was blocked
I don’t think it’s your soundbank, offering it for free is a great thing to do, the issue is with Mediafile

Hi AtariBoy !

Go to my Webpage:


Good Luck

Hi Sonic_Sirius
Thanks, I had spun up a new VM to download with AV and Popup Blocker so I used your link from there and downloaded. I’m not bothered about MediaFire there as it’s just a temporary machine
The presets are now on my studio machine and sound great, thanks
Just to reiterate, I never had a problem with your file, just with the popup clickbait practices of MediaFire when you try to download something
Just so you know, this is the description of the warning that Norton gives for the triggered popup when I clicked download
Attack Signature Detail Page (

Many Thanks AtarriBoy for the useful Information.
Nice to hear that you can play now your retrolouge !

Thanks for the Feedback about my work.

All the best !

Sorry about my english i live in Germany !