The Grand 2 installation?

I need to install The Grand 2 on my new system. It is win 7 x64.

Since the patches require an install from the disc I appear to be in trouble. IT simply wil not install. It gives an error message that some other process has interrupted the install and i ned to reboot. Of course that does nothing. This appear shortly after the syncosoft splash screen appears. Any ideas?

Well i managed ot get an “installed” by running teh patch thenn manually copying over the content. However… if i load it up in cubase it hard crashes the entire DAW as son as i try to do anything.

I mean is it simply not supported?

I had the same problem. You should download the update file from the steinberg website and install it. The contents files have to be move manualy to the The Grand folder. If The Grand can’t find the content, it will show a message and ask you to chose the folder, where the files are located. Chose it and every thing will be OK :slight_smile: .