The Grand 2 on Cubase 5 (The Grand 2 not displayed)

Hi! Guys,

Kindly, I know it may be a bit outdated but I got the The Grand 2 for a few Rands and hoped it would work on my Cubase 5.5…(ON WINDOWS 7 operating system; Kindly, ignore the signature below…Tried to update it and it’s not changed yet)

For some reason it does not even show on the VST instruments list window…

Someone please advise how I can get it to work on Cubase 5.

Thank you in advance.


Have you gone to Devices>Plugin Information in Cubase and selected the proper folder/path where the Grand dll is?


Thank you for your attempt to help me. I finally found my way around it…


  1. Launch Cubase 5.5 and then luanch “The Grand 2”.

  2. Set up a project.

There is a “slave” Re-wire connection under the “Devices” dropdown list…Click on it.

And the small Re-wire window would appear. (When I installed the Grand 2, it automatically placed “The Grand Hybrid Rewire Slave” something under the “Devices”)

  1. On the small window of the Re-wire, activate the channels and automatically the Rewire channel and it’s folder would appear on the main window of Cubase 5.5.

  2. And then add a MIDI track…which you will record on…All volumes increase/decrease can be controlled comfortably on the “The Grand Track” which appeared when activating on the small window of Re-wire.

  3. I then go to the Output of the MIDI channel (which in my case, would, by default, be on “Microsoft” something), place it’s output to “The Grand Channel 01” or anyone you want to choose. And play/record.

(If the sound does not come out, check your audio interface volumes before attempting to re-do.)