The Grand 3.2.10 Installer Problem

I just noticed a post about The Grand 3.2.10 update being released. It won’t install for me though, I get an error saying “The specified account already exists.” then after clicking OK, a message “The Grand 3 setup failed. Fatal error during installation. Error Code: 1603”. Is anyone else experiencing this error trying to install the update?

I have recently upgraded CB11 to CB12. I have The Grand 3 also. I upgraded to version 3.2 as The latest version is apparently soft license compatible. I still have to use my dongle, there is no soft license. I also raised a ticket 10 days ago, no response from Steinberg. I just wish all the pre-testing on these products was a little more robust so to avoid frustrating Cubase customers.

The Grand hasn’t been updated to use the new license system yet. That wasn’t my issue here though. I got it figured out. Something had corrupted my install and I had to use some Microsoft tools to force uninstall it. Then I could install the new version.