The Grand 3 download 32/64 bit problem

I have just purchased Cubase 9.5 and installed it into windows 7 laptop that supports windows 64bit…( Dell Latitude)

I have tried a number of times to download (via the download assistant) on the same computer, from" My Products", The Grand 3.
It goes through the motions of downloading,…
The Grand 3.1.1.Full… there are 14 files, 7 Aria2 files and 7 sda files, all blank and will not install as it says it cannot find the program to open it.

On another laptop that only supports windows 32bit operation (Medion ) I have my version of The Grand 3

I assume the reason why The Grand 3 download from the assistant cannot be opened is because the program, The Grand 3, needs to be on the same computer as the downloaded files…which it isn’t so how do I get The Grand 3 (which is a downloaded upgrade from The Grand 2) onto the same computer as Cubase 9.5 64bit.

In essence I can only download the files on a 32bit computer where The Grand 3 is installed
and they wont install into Cubase 9.5 which is 64bit and doesnt have a copy of The Grand 3 installed.
Thanks for any help!

Please first install all updates for Windows 7 using Windows Update, to make sure that your OS wont get in the way of downloading and installing the plugin.

Restart your computer, then run the Steinberg Download Assistant and click “Download” again.

If that doesn’t help, try deleting the The Grand 3 folder in Downloads\Steinberg, and try downloading it again from scratch.

Hey… Thanks for the advice, will try it out and get back to you