The Grand 3 SE > The Grand 3?

I bought the licence for The Grand 3 SE delivered with Cubase 6. Do I get any reduction when I by The Grand 3? or is there any way to upgrade the product to The Grand 3?

Thank you

Official reply from Steinberg: No way to upgrade

I love the grand SE and would love to upgrade to The Grand 3. Some form of discount for already having bought SE seems only fair - come on Steinberg!!

Yep, I agree!

At least some compensation of sorts would be a nice acknowledgment, considering you have already invested in their products. Doesn’t have to be huge - just something!

hi guys, is the grand 3 download versionnavailable somewhere. You can only buy full boxed version via Steinberg…

I just got the SE version, I think it is actually a pretty good value for what it gives you.

So paying hundreds more just to get another piano, I think I might pass :slight_smile:

I totally agree with the premise of the thread though.

I thought that buying The Grand 3 SE will allow me to use all 5 piano models from the youtube reviews. Unfortunately the best ones are missing -such as Model D, that I was interested in. I’m not happy with your policy, Steinberg. Nowhere on the website was specified that The Grand 3 SE it’s a limited version. I had this suspicion and I was looking for the confirmation but the website is silent about this topic. Now I also heard that I will not be able to upgrade to the full version either.

I live in a country where the money are being earned very hard - in all country it’s almost the same but in mine especially. I am sure you have products good enough to allow you a good life without stealing, so please stop this attitude lie, when it comes of The Grand 3 SE!

I bought the Grand SE in the Valentines sale and just assumed you would be able the upgrade at a later date to the FULL version. I can only assume this is why there was so little information on the Steinberg Shop detailing this.

Disappointing yes, but I am still very pleased indeed with the price and what you get for your money @ £41.00p.

Aloha f,

For most musicians this statement is soooooooo true.

i have to say, after owning TGSE 3 for a couple of weeks now it really is very good. And the Reverb and FX for the Pianos and Elec. Grand are excellent. I am really pleased I made the purchase. To be honest, having tried it out now, I would happily have paid the FULL price for it without quibble.

Bit of good news for us TGse owners… the upgrade to the full version is up for £41.00 currently… NICE deal! :smiley:

It’s a great news, that I was expecting for a long time. Thank you, Steinberg! (And also thank you, matjones!) :slight_smile:

Always nice to be the bearer of good news :smiley:

It’s a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG download though… just finished and installing now.

I don’t believe this until I try it.

IIRC something prevented me from being able to use The Grand SE… maybe it was a trial version or something, I dunno.

There seem to be other alternatives for my $150 but we will see. I always did like the convenience and sound of TG

Hi matjones, how did you get on with the installation? As far as I can see the download is in 7 parts. It asked me to chose a directory for installation, otherwise it would install in the Downloads directory. This made me uncertain about installing it. There is an upgrade download available on the purchase page but the link doesn’t work.

Yeah the installation went just fine. There are actually TWO parts to it, the first part is in fact just decompressing the rar files (the whole thing is 29GB decompressed) which i think is where you’re at by the sound of it, once this is done THEN you do the proper install, you can install wherever you wish… i have mine running from E:\The Grand 3 and it works just great! :smiley:

Are all seven parts as big as the first three? Seems to be 3.99 GB each! That’s bigger than Jupiter!

Six out of the seven are, the last one is a bit smaller though so a decent Internet connection is handy!

Anyone knows if I will be able to run The Grand 3 SE also? Probably The Grand 3 SE license will be replaced by the new one. The new license (The Grand 3) can also run the SE version?


Yep you can run both, the first thing i did after installation was to realise i had a project on the go with TG3se loaded and thought ooops! better check that out… it opened just fine and both show up separately in your VSTi list.