The Grand - extremely low volume

To hear a piano sound, I have to put

  • System volume UR22mkII to the max,
  • Main volume in Grand app to the max
  • Volume knob in Grand app to the max
  • put very high volume on amplifier or phones
  • use strongly keyboard dynamics.
    But with these settings - the piano makes sometimes very strange noises and any System sound is incredibly loud.
    Does anybody understand, why the Grand is so incredibly quiet? I am afraid in Cubase this is the same case.

Are you using The Grand in a DAW or some kind of standalone VST player?

As a standalone player

Goes the sound somehow though the windows mixer?
What sound card?

Sound card is Steinberg UR22mkII, all Steinberg products play through Yamaha ASIO driver and system mixer is at maximum level.
All sounds play at a standard level, just to play anything from Cubase or standalone Grand, I need to volume knob to the maximum level.

Do you have the monitor knob on your interface set fully to daw?

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Thank you for the hint - my standard setting of mix knob is in the middle between input and DAW, this is my standard setting which I use for both music listening and voice/guitar recording in Cubase.
I tried to turn fully to DAW, the volume goes little bit up, however this effects all Windows sounds (e.g. YouTube in Chrome).
What I still don’t understand, why any standard sound source is so much louder compared to any Cubase VSTs or The Grand.