The Grand SE3 doesn't fully load piano, freezes Cubase

I am running Cubase 7.0.7 64-bit on Windows 7 64-bit, 32GB RAM

Lately, about 50% of the time, when I open a project in which I’m using The Grand SE3, it will not finish loading the piano. It loads to about 95% and I get a red “X” next to the loading bar. When I close the project, the project closes okay but Cubase then immediately freezes (perpetual hourglass), and I have to use Windows Task Manager to shut down Cubase.

But sometimes the piano loads just fine and gives me no problems.

Any ideas?

I upgraded from The Grand SE3 to The Grand 3, but ran into the same problem. I downloaded the 3.1 update and ran it, but nothing happened when I ran the update. And I’m still running into the same problem where The Grand sometimes stops loading at around 95%, and it causes Cubase to perpetually hang on closing. I will report this to Steinberg as a bug.

My experience has beenthat the C7 takes a very long time to load. It’s a huge file. I have had my computer lock up if I didn’t wait before starting new commands.

The pianos usually take about ten to fifteen seconds to load, but this is an occasional problem where a piano loads most of the way, then permanently stops loading. The rest of Cubase still functions when this happens, but it will freeze if I try to do anything that affects The Grand 3, such as remove the track it’s on or try to load it onto a new instrument track. Cubase must then be shut down via Windows Task Manager.

Steinberg support instructed me to update my eLicenser, uninstall The Grand 3 and The Grand 3 SE, and then do a fresh download and install of The Grand 3.1.1. I did all that, but I’m still occasionally running into the same problem. Steinberg’s last piece of advice was to reinstall Windows, but, since The Grand is the only VST giving me problems, a Windows reinstall is obviously not going to happen.