The Grand SE3 not present in 32Bit version


After needing to install the 32bit version of C7 because my Audio interface driver wont work with the 64bit version, I have found that ‘The Grand SE3’ doesn’t appear in the list when adding a VST instrument when using the 32bit version. (it works as t should in 64bit)

Any ideas how to make this accessible in the 32bit version?

Simple, if you think about it.

Yet not so so simple that I worked out a definitive answer . . . . . . ! I’ve only just started using C7 (after using LE4) so there are many,many things in the program that I am still learinng about!

Obviously, it may be a 64 VST or something, but I don’t know that it is is or if VST’s have compatibility issues of this sort.

Or, I could have simply done something different when I set up the 32bit version

Or, there is a conflict by having both installed

Or, there is numerous other (probably simple) things I may not be aware of in the program as yet!

So, please humour me & let me know where what may be amiss!

There are separate plugins for 32bit and 64bit…you may have only installed the 64bit.

32bit plugs will attempt to bridge in C64 but 64bit plugs will never work in C32.

What interface do you have that doesn’t work with 64bit Cubase?

Thanks for that - I’ll try re-installing the VST!

I currently have Lexicon Lambda, which came with LE4. The original plan was to migrate all my sequences (17 years worth) from my Yamaha QY300 (complete with 3.25" floppy drive) - but Cubase got me hooked with completing the whole recordings!

Anyhoo, there is apparently a driver issue. On a different thread I read that Lexicon have no intentions to provide a 64 bit driver. It doesn’t display the audio inputs as active (the audio ins work fine in 32bit).

BUT, in C7 32bit it doesn’t display the midi out as active, yet the midi out still works. So, I’m going to do a bit more experimenting to see if I can find alternate drivers and test it all out!

The interface is the next thing on the list to upgrade, but it’d be good to have it working none the less.

Ok! All Good!

Reinstalled the ‘The Grand’ and found the 32bit version.

Found a different driver for my interface and 64bit C7 is working perfectly!

Thanks for the tips!