The Halion from Hell

Is there a way to completely eradicate all traces of Halion 3.x? I downloaded it thinking I was just updating HalionOne, but some of my music/midi apps are crashing trying to load in the Halion 3 (right now it’s Sibelius 5).

Although I’ve removed all files named Halion (except for HalionOne which comes with Cubase4), but there might be hidden files or other files not possessing “halion” in the name or the contents.

I’ve tried to resolve this thru the eLicenser but Halion3 is not showing up as any valid license - which is normal I believe. I suspect the problematic file(s) might be in some of the OS X application support files for one or more MIDI programs installed on my HD.

Please send any suggestions to wipe out the Halion form Hell! :cry: