The Holes in The Roads

Be careful, they are so many !

The Holes in The Roads by Stephco (


Appreciate your comments , as always.

Cool, interesting palette of sounds and constant syncopations! Like it :+1:

Thank you Eirik,

i’ve redo the overall mix (i listened to it on poor speakers and it was a disaster :slight_smile: …)
I will not repost it on soundcloud, but i will on bandcamp when i will publish the whole OverLand album. Just missing 2 songs…

Take care.

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You too, and good luck with finishing the album!

Wow, this might be your best ever! Love the way it flows through various harmonies. Stronger bass and drums is all I would suggest, and not everywhere. Good stuff, Stephco!

Hey Leon, Hope everything is fine on your side.
Thx for your time listening and the comment!

as i told Eirik on the thread, i did some changes in the mix after a very disappointed experience on “standard speakers” for better clarity, I will listen again to see if the drums & bass are more present.

Take care.

And bang! That woke me up. Amazing sounds - loved the low flute in particular – really percussive and earthy. Fantastic.

All the best


Thank you moggs.
Happy you enjoyed it.
And thank again for your time listening

Nice work, once again. Keep it going with this interesting music you’re creating.