The ‘Import Options’ window

After updating the Cubase to 12,

The ‘Import Options’ window does not always on top

As in the video, ‘Import Options’ from loading the sample wave is buried behind the other window

It is an issue that arises only in cubase 12 version

cubase 11 version always appears on top when the sample wave is called

I want to know how to solve this problem

I didn’t get an answer from the forum, so I’m sending you an email like this.

I’m using 11ver because of this problem (even though I bought 12ver).

I tried something similar and it looks like it is just ‘Windows’ behavior.
If I try to import a sound from the media bay, the option dialog comes on top. If I try importing from the file explorer, the Import Options dialog indeed stays below the Explorer window.
So a workaround could be to use the Media bay to locate the sound you want to import.


Thank you for your answer.

But I don’t use Media Bay.
It’s very uncomfortable for me.

I just want to drag it from the splice app and upload it right away.