The incoming audio and previous take at the same time?

İs this possibe to do? Without using outboard or Soundcards outputs etc. Just with the current active channel.
That is how I am used to do on other DAWs. (Logic Studio1 Protools etc)

When I record a vocal I want to hear the recorded take along with the singer at the same time. So he/she can talk to me while listening and or prepare for rec.
Currently I can either hear the one or the other but not at the same time.



Would you care to elaborate on that. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you’re “recording” then why would they be talking to you while “listening”? Are you recording or playing back?
Describe your scenario; explain the actual situation. Also describe in more detail how you did this in e.g. ProTools.
Making use of Cubase’s Control Room might do the trick.

Thanks for the reply. Let me put it this way
I have recorded a take. Scenaro 1 is while listening to that take the singer in the studio might say something like I want to punch in here or might want me to stop or let’s re do etc.
Scenario 2 is He/she wants to hear the previous take and while listening to it start to sing along with it in advance of the punch in point.
In Logic and S1 this is automatic
In protools you have to enable the auto input monitoring
Here is the info about it

I hope it is clear now

I believe the relevant function in Cubase is referred to as Pre-record. Again, as with Pro-Tools, the handling in Cubase may again be different, and you may need to adjust your workflow to suit.
Check Pre-record out in the Operation Manual.

I actually do the monitoring of my mic from an external mixer, that’s one way… But in Cubase you could try tweaking the auto monitoring preference (VST page) to use Tape style or some other that you might prefer. Or you could create a 2nd channel with the same input but this one is only monitored not record-armed. Also using shortcut keys to record arm and mute tracks may help you too.


Using direct monitoring can be a little annoying, for the exact reasons you describe. My quick dirty work around is to duplicate track and use that track for listening. Control room or tape style monitoring would be the better solutions.