The incredibly annoying de-selection issue with divided project window

Again, I’m not sure if this is a design choice or a bug (hard to know sometimes with Nuendo), so I’m adding it as both.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a project with a divided project window.
  2. Add tracks to both divisions containing any kind of event (preferably container events like audio, midi, video, etc).
  3. Create content on both tracks in both divisions.
  4. Select a content in top division.
  5. Select a content in bottom division (without shift).
  6. Apply a Logical Preset.
  7. Observe that the Logical preset is applied to both the events.
  8. Try pressing ESC (Deselect All)
  9. Observe that only the event in the last used division will be deselected.


  • “Deselect All” should do what it says: Deselect All. In all divisions. Period. End of discussion.
  • Selecting an event in one division, then selecting an event in the other division, should de-select the event in the first division…

As it is now, selecting events between divisions has the same effect as shift clicking, selecting events in both top and bottom division. The result of this is that you make operations to events in the other division that you believed you’ve deselected. But not all operations. “Some” operations doesn’t apply, which leads me to believe that this is a bug, or it’s not very well thought trough “feature”.

Nuendo is the only software in the world behaving this way, it’s completely uninititive. Even the “Deselect All” command is ignored in the division that is not currently active. For me, this means that when editing Video in the top division, I have to do every operation in an exact precise order ALL THE TIME when trying to match the video to the audio, which in 9 times of 10, I miss. So suddenly, either I’ve moved audio material in the bottom division (believing it was deselected) or moved the video in the top division (making the video out of sync).

If I’ve missed something, or there is some way to make this behave as should, then please write it here. I’ve asked around in other forums without luck, just getting the response “yeah, this is highly annoying”. If there is no solution, I have to lift out the philosophy of “Global Tracks in top division” and use a single non-divided window instead.