The isle is full of noises

Just read that the London Olympics opening ceremony will be inspired by Caliban’s speech in the Tempest.
I thought it might ring a few bells here too.


Sounds better in the original Klingon.

Does the Olympic Committee still want Keith Moon to perform? :wink:

The Queen’s 60th Jubilee celebrations featured a few corpses too. I’m sure I saw strings attached to Elton John. Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Sugsy the anti-establishment troublemaker, now in line for an MBE - my God there were more wrinkles, wigs and w*nkers than I could have imagined. There’s so much new talent around, when will they get a chance? Not as long as there are some idiot bookers who think Keith Moon is still alive. :smiling_imp:

They forgot to play the Sex Pistol’s version of God Save The Queen :laughing:

Did Paul sing “Her Majesty”? :smiley:


The proof the queen is up to date.

Greetz Bassbase

She thought that was the computerized bar and was looking for the G&T button! :laughing: