The Kingswood
Comments welcome!
I am wondering about the string squeaks. Are they too loud? (especially in a couple places) Easy way to fix? (can’t re-record right now).
Also, does the flute solo sit well? (picture a couple guitarists and a flute player sitting in the meadow) :smiley:

I really like this, your best effort to date IMO :sunglasses: The song paints a beautiful, relaxing picture. I’m not bothered about the squeaks and the flute sits nicely for me.
Good effort :sunglasses:

Hi Jaslan,

This is really nice!
There were times i felt something was grabbing the guitars though (ive only listened once so far)
To get rid of guitar squeaks I personally open up and expand the audio file, highlight the squeaks and reduce the gain.
Most of the time when you get these squeaks your hand is moving which means your not playing anything for that fraction of a second, so reducing the gain I find works great, I wouldnt go as far as muting them as that will take away the natural feel away. Just be careful if you do it as theres nothing else in the mix to mask any drastice gain changes! :wink:

The flute sounds nice but I cant help think somethings a miss? :confused: Reverb? bit more volume? Not sure yet…
But I really did enjoy this! nice one!
EDIT; volume seems ok on 2nd listen (got my damn cans on again) so, maybe a bit more verb?

Agree this is your best project so far.

Squeaks didn’t bother me at all, and I’d leave them.

The problem with the flute is that there are no spots
where a real player would need to take a breath!
This is a common oversight in using patches/samples
(and in my keyboard-sequencer days one I made all too often myself!).

A beautiful piece of music! :wink:

Glad you like it.
Thanks for the tips! :smiley:

Yeah…this is nice. Guitars sound good. :sunglasses:
I’d be inclinded to fade out the twittering birds much sooner though. They help set the scene, but once the guitars start I’d be slowly pulling them out of the picture.

The icing on the cake for this piece would be of course to get a real flute in there. I used to use flute samples quite a bit in past productions and still do in fact, but it wasn’t until I recorded live flute that I realised how lacking they can be - particularly where they are more exposed… :confused: The thing wrong with a lot of sampled instruments is that there’s nothing wrong with them! It’s the subtle nuances and ‘humaness’ that I notice is usually missing. And of course I am well aware that we don’t always have the luxury of the real thing!

Good tune! :sunglasses:

JL, I liked this one. Well put together, and good guitar work. I thought the squeaks were noticeable, but maybe that was because you mentioned them.