The leap from Cubase 6 to Cubase 8 ?


I’m currently using C6 on the iMac and wondered if it was worthwhile to upgrade to C8 ?

I’m using OS X 10.10 so I’m aware that using C6 can be volatile.

I only use VST’s and no real instruments. Is it still worth the money to upgrade ?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Have a look at the features and functions being offered compared to those you have now with 6 and then ask yourself this question.
Only you can know if it’s “worth” it to you.

Hi there,

I was in the same position as you only was considering the jump from 6.5.

I would agree with above, but also, what I did was download the trial for Cubase 7 Elements here: (they must have discontinued the full C7 trial).

I know it’s not exactly the same as 8 and has things missing, but you get a feel for the different mixer and the newer features…you’ll be able to see how you’d find the jump and if the new workflow suits you…and you can check out the 8.0 exclusive features on YouTube videos and Steinberg’s site.

I held off updating for so long because I wasn’t sure about the mixer and the issues people were encounting. In reality, after the trial, I liked it enough to order the 7.5 upgrade with the free grace period upgrade to 8.0!

Hope that helps!

Many thanks for the response, greatly appreciated. Just worried I won’t find my way around after getting used to the format on C6.

Never actually thought on C7.5, thanks again, I’ll give it a go !

No worries…I completely understand where you’re coming from! Enjoy the trial…and Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

I’ve gone from C6 to C8, made the jump a few days ago. Bit of a pain in the arse downloading, unzipping and installing a 9gb download (around 12 hrs in total), and I couldn’t seem to import my preferences and key commands so had to note them all down and make sure they tallied up.

After 48 hours though of general jiggery-pokery and ironing out some teething problems (which in all fairness was partially caused by me stumbling my way around the very different interface), I can say that for me…

It was WELL worth the upgrade price. So many amazing new toys, big gain on cpu useage, vca faders, everything is just much more swift and solid now it’s set up to my liking.

In fact, I don’t want to tempt fate, but I’ve had not one crash since I started using C8, despite loading very heavy projects. Only some issues that turned out to be new plugin-related (thanks NI for the christmas ‘freebie’ that knackered cubase until the moment I disabled it). Very solid indeed.

Oh you are in for a suprise ! It’s do easy, there are pretty good consistencies acroos all the releases with regards to getting around. The main program is not dramatically different, you wont even need to read a manual until you have to, and, even the manual is a complete re-right and is the best theyve ever put together, after a while you’ll be womdering why we all didnt have this somw years ago and, why everyone is so apprehesive up dating to it. It’s brilliant and really quite intuitive, you’ll suprise yourself, you’ll be running it silky smooth ith in minutes! Go get it is all I can say ! :slight_smile:

It took me a day or so of experimenting to get comfortable, but although that was only a few days ago, I am nearly ready to move onto 8 as a commercial production tool. Having the windows / workspaces working neatly is a big plus. The Groove Agent acoustic drums are very good (a bit difficult to find at first!). I am also looking forward to trialing VST Connect.

ASIO and program have been faultless so far and I have had no issues with importing from 6.5. All in all a worthwhile jump for me - I ignored 7 because I was suspicious of the mixer and unexcited by the VSTis.

Finally, I admit, I couldn’t bear the thought of being buried in the “Older Cubase Versions” any longer :slight_smile: