I had a mail exchange officer with the most gentle supporter contacted through the technical support of Steinberg. My problem is a bug in Cubasis.

But then I did not understand or are unknowingly stupid and I wonder:
Why steinberg does not support on Cubasis? Why did not he tell me before I bought the product? Why did the supporter before he answered me and then dumped me to the forum? How is it that a forum must be supported, with no official obligation to respond?

I’m sorry, but this time Steinberg is really disappointing … and then, on the export of midi files from Cubasis there is a bug as big as a house, while in the notes of the product clearly states that it has the functions of import / export midi file: lie


I’m sorry for the problems you had finding the official support.
What bug did you find? If you explain here your problem we can help you. :slight_smile:

The support for Cubasis is done only on this forum. And this is clearly found on the iTunes product page before buying the app:
Following the “Cubasis support” link on that page redirects you to this forum (

Quando si modifica un file midi, per salvarlo bisogna usare la funzione mixdown, salva file midi. Il file salvato in questo modo è inutilizzabile. Sia all’interno di cubasis, sia esportandolo in altri programmi midi, non funziona, è totalmente diverso da quello che si è salvato, sia nelle tracce, sia nella durata.
Spero di essermi spiegato
Distinti saluti
Rosario Rosito


When you edit a midi file, save it to use the function mixdown, save midi files. The saved file is unusable in this way. Both within Cubasis, either by exporting it to other MIDI programs, it does not work, it’s totally different from what you saved, both in the traces, both in duration.
I hope I explained
Best reguards
Rosario Rosito

Hello Rosario,

Our engineers will have a look at the problem!

okay thank you, I am comforted by this news already. I hope that the solution is then advertised at least on this forum. Many musicians like me use Cubase (and now even Cubasis) also to work with midi files, so this feature is really important.
Best regards.