The Light & The Darkness


I rarely listen to Songs posted here and I’ve been on the Forum since it was created many yrs ago and you’ve been here that long too.
I like that I can understand the lyrics on your songs, whereas most of the stuff out there I have a really hard time with that.
I like your balance in the mix, makes for a nice listening experience for me.
Now we can hear and see with video too is a nice bonus for me.
Good job Ian !

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Cheers Paul! I appreciate the comments and time taken. As it happens my activity here dropped away a very long time ago, along with many of the other ‘regulars’ from that era who generally dispersed elsewhere or in the case of several, ended up on Facebook. It’s only just recently, perhaps the last year or so that I have occasionally popped in here to have a look and share the occasional tune… usually with no expectations, so once again… thanks for taking the time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Ian. It has been some time! Like you, I only pop in very occasionally to see what’s happening. I miss the old days but we must move on, I suppose.
Nice track, too. Love the drums.
All the best

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Well hello there! Yes, indeed, different times and folks have moved on, not to mention gotten older! :smile:

Cheers for the listen. The drums were actually played by Michael Barker, he played with Australia’s John Butler trio for a while, also with Brian Barker and Eddie Rayner “The Makers” and also later reunion gigs with Split Enz. :sunglasses:

Very cool!