The limitations of Track Presets


Some have suggested that instead of going through the very boring and time consuming work it is to build a complete orchestral template it might be a better option to create a bunch of track presets and call them up/load them whenever needed.
I have a lot of VEPro running on other machines and today I sat down to try to create some presets, but then I ran into this problem:
My flutes from VSL runs from one Vienna Instrument loaded with
flute 1 on channel 2
flute 2 on channel 3
piccolo on channel 4
alto flute on channel 5
So each of the flutes have it’s own midi track in Cubase. So I try to save the 1. instrument track - with VEpro plug-in - and the 4. associated midi tracks. It works fine until I load the preset and find out that only the instrument track is loaded, the 4 midi tracks is obviously not included in the preset.
Is there a way to resolve this problem?

Track presets are specific to the type. So Instrument, Midi etc are handled separately.

have you tried using Macros? might do what you need…creating an Instrument track and 4 Midi tracks together with one keypress (or whatever)…



I agree, to build a complete orchestral template is a very boring and time consuming work. But, if you will really use it as a template, then I would strongly recommend to do it (once). It’s much better (and faster) then build it again and again from the Track presets for every single preset.

It’s not just about creating the tracks, but you have to route it, set Instrument Return channels, plug-ins, etc.

To save the instrument track and MIDI tracks together, I would create a track archive from those selected tracks. You can then import the track archive into another project. I believe that MIDI routing will be preserved.

There are some nice suggestions. I didn’t know what a track archive was, now I do! :smiley:
Since yesterday I have been working on this template, and I can state that Cubase will crash if you try to select a bunch of tracks and then disable them all! :frowning:
But then again the Q about templates is up. Until now I have been using ex. a track instrument with a VSPro plugin and then 4 midi tracks routed to this track to host ex. 4 tracks of VSL Dimension Strings 1. violins. I have been using this method because I liked the opportunity to have all my libs. “standing by”. :wink:
But I think the navigation of a big project is far to cumbersome, having the instrument track and the separated midi tracks, so now I will try the other approach.
So it’s still a template but I hope to make it much more transparent with a bunch of instrument tracks disabled of course.

Right now I will try to implement only the brass and ww of a major piece that I have finished the old way, and see how it goes. I don’t know if any of the routing is saved with the preset, but I will find out!