The message: At least 1 of the eLicensers was disabled

Downloaded Cubase 11. Elicenser opens up just fine and shows me my olc Cubase 5 license, I enter a new activation code for it that was sent to me by Steinberg in an email it tells me…

“At least of o fthe elicensers used during the process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions”

Everything I own is 100% legit… No shady ebay purchases etc. Everything seemed to be going fine until ran into this.

Do you have the latest version of the Elc?

Does the message actually say the letter ‘o’?

Steve, thanks for the quick response.

Yes, the latest elicenser is installed. In anticipation of installing this I downloaded it just 4 days ago. The EL recognizes my ver 5, When I paste the activation code into the license update box it comes up and tells me it is for Cubase 11 and appears to be telling me that I have a legit activation code for Cubase 11. Then when I click on “upgrade license” that’s when I get that message… Sorry, it says 1 of the elicensers used.

There are various reasons a USB Elicenser can get disabled. I’m afraid you will have to use Steinberg/Yamaha USA Support to fix the problem.

Do you have a link for that support or who to direct it to?

You should simply go to the Steinberg site and click support.

I"m chatting with them now. It appears the license was disabled. They’re saying it was disabled and deactivated because I filled out some form stating it was broken. Something called a Zero Downtime Form. I never did anything like that. My last contact with Steinberg had to have been 7 years ago and I was using this dongle as early as mid 2020… I now have to wait for a response from Germany.

I have no idea why this is happening. Yun know… I knew something would go wrong, it always does. I thought I’d be playing with Cubase 11 right now and now it looks like it might be 48 hours. YIKES

Hm. Maybe you did. If so, there’s a 25 hours usage activation code in your account. Do you see it there?


I’ll check my account for that code. I never asked them to deactivate anything. Besides, like I said, my last contact with them had to have been at least 7 years ago if not longer. I will admit that contact was regarding my dongle that had cracked but I was able to tape it together and continue using it. My call to Steinberg was to find out how much a new dongle would cost and where I would get one. I continued to use Cubase 5 for a long time after that (on one computer and then again on a newer build). I never had a problem registering anything. The license worked.

Yeah, licenses on a deactivated dongle will continue to work forever on a system they already work on. But it’s frozen in the state it’s in.

That makes sense as to why I’m having these problems.

I am unable to find that 25 hour code you mentioned. I’m logged into MySteinberg but all I see are activation codes (the one’s that aren’t working due to the dongle)

Do you see the usb key registered in there, and your Cubase 5 license as well?

If not, look into the possibility that you had another account at some point. If you did flag the key as broken, that same account would be the one that has the Zero Downtime activation code.

I do see the usb key registration in the elicenser for cub ase 5

Interesting. Maybe there was some kind of glitch along the way. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted with the Hamburg folks.