The Message

While I do appreciate Steinberg’s willingness to engage more actively on the forum here, especially compared to long ago, I think the message on the upcoming 6.5 upgrade could have been a little more clear.

Very simply, it could have been simultaneously both as vague and informative as this:
We will be giving users the option of a free update with bug fixes and 64 bit rewire, or a modestly-priced upgrade to Cubase 6.5 with some great new features!

My 2 cents, but I am not a marketing expert.

Would be?

actually that is exactly our message, like described here:

Free 6.0.6 maintenance update:

6.5 feature update:


Not so fast there, Helge! Don’t you dare to take our rage from us! We’re very very angry and we have torches but we’re not old enough yet to be trusted with match sticks … which is one of the reasons why we’re soooo mad! :imp:

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I got a warning from a moderator!
And no, not the one involved in this topic.

to paraphrase FZ:
“Does humor belong in the music lounge?”

OK, no more jokes about matches and anger! :blush:

FYI time just stopped for five minutes and I had to take a break and laugh 1 :laughing: 2 :mrgreen: 3 :smiley: 4 :mrgreen: 5 :laughing:

so … back to normal! :sunglasses:

VIRTUAL torches and VIRTUAL matchsticks are not allowed here. Too, too dangerous.
And only a VIRTUAL sense of humour is allowed. A real sense of humour is too subversive and may attract the undertakers. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
See. I’m not joking. :cry:
Is it me or are too many people taking the peace these days?

My bad. There was absolutely no justifiable confusion in this thread.

You!!! I thought I’m the worst ashoe here after Nate left the building. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the first I’ve heard of it. There was nothing in the tweets about the options. I arrived in the middle of it, saw 6.5, downloaded it from a link with ‘sorryfortheinconvenience’ or something in it, and only when Cubase wouldn’t start realised that it was payable. (I suppose the mention of the grace period was a clue but that didn’t sink in.)

Figures a bird would be into tweets. Quacks me up that. :laughing:

You feather-rustler you. :laughing:

I leave the tweeting to my young nephew Rudyard Duckling.