The midi chords seem to drown in the drum sound


I have a very strange problem. Sometimes when i record a new midi track in Cubase 6 because the old track wasnt so good then i write out the change that i made and the change was so high level on the velocity that it should sound good. It didnt because when i hear the change that writed out to the hard drive the new midi that i recorded seems to drown in the drum sound. Why does it do that. But when i hear the track in solo in the Project it sounds that it has the right velocity level but why doesnt it sound like that when i write it out to the hard drive because then when i hear it the chords from the new track seems to drown in the drum sound. Is it gonna be like that or what is wrong if it isnt gonna be like that.

So your chords are being drowned by the drums… every time the drums hits the chord gets quiet?

Are you using a limiter or compressor anywhere?

No not eveytime the drum hits the chords gets quiet. You can hear the chords but its like its not so loud as i would want and the tones between the chords you can also hear and often better than the chords. And its not in every song and every track so its kind of only sometimes but when it is i dont like it. I really wonder what it could be but i dont care so much if anyone can help me with this or not cause i can live with it so to say. I have a PC and a RME hammerfall DSP AIO soundcard, Cubase 6, Ivory VST piano plug 32 bits on a 64 bits Windows 7 system.

By any chance, can you make a sound clip to upload here?

What happens if you mute the drums for the entire song? does the chord finally sound clean?

I am trying to figure out if you have so much action, too many hot “tones”, you are trying to squeeze too much, and maybe causing some kind of amplitude modulation (sustained events are unstable).

Or is this a technical problem?

So first you need to isolate (solo) the chords, try adding parts in one by one, until this “drowning” happens again. There we can better identify how to fix the problem.

If i mute the drums or if i listen solo to that track where it drowned in the drum sound then it sounds good but not if i have the drums cause then some piano chords seems to drown in the drum sound. Whats wrong when it does that.

I still do not have enough info.

It sounds like you have a compressor or limiter engaged, and when the drums play over the piano, the compressor’s job is to make sure that the loudest parts are quieter. So when drums hit very loud, the result is that the signal will suddenly be quiet, until the compressor releases.

If not a compressor, then maybe you are running VERY loud signal and your analogue system has more than it can handle.

Maybe your drums have too much low end power… too much bass. Lets see what happens if you mute ONLY the kick drum, and examine from there.

Please let us know ALL plugins you are using.

I dont have a compressor and i have only one plug and thats a piano plug. But the sound from the chord that seems to drown a bit in the drum sound doesnt drown so much that you dont hear it so i quess it doesnt is such a big problem. If i edit the velocity really much than i hear the chord quiet much but then it sounds like it is too strong.

So this is looking like classic mixing issue then.

You cannot have it both ways, you cannot have full frequency piano chord and full powerful full frequency drumset play at the exact same time without a little compromise (give a little/take a little)

-You might try to use a little reverb to the piano to spread some frequency away from the drums.
-You can try to pan, spread, or mono the piano. (wide or narrow)
-You have already tried to adjust velocity. Maybe try to adjust EQ of some bright notes of piano so it really stands out, but does not get overall louder.
-Try to cut away something from the drums that is getting in the way?
-Maybe drums are too loud, maybe you can process some of the drum sound with delay or reverb as an effect. This may allow you to bring the drum level down more.

Keep playing with balance. Make sure you don’t have these tracks too loud.

How about you make some examples for us to hear, that’s easier to talk about :wink:.
Just export to soundcloud or something like that.

Can it be that i have Ivory VST 1 instead of Ivory VST 2.

Or can it be that i must use Steinberg grand piano vst