The mixdown doesn't sound neutral as when played and recorded

i’m using demo of cubase pro … recorded an improvisation with no and effects added or inserts … the mixdown done to its default settings but sounded like as-if a compressor and limited added to it … i faced this issue with ableton live but was even worse i couldn’t fix it and thinking of getting a portable recorder tascam dr-05x but i don’t know if it will resolve it … i tried to record the outputs before when using ableton tried to record with audacity like printing and it got worst or with the same bad quality, the volume bumps suddenly and sometimes cuts down and the sound gets limited and very compressed


How do you compare? How do you listen the result? What player do you use? Isn’t it in the player?

i play the exported file in potplayer and the difference is very clear by hearing also i uploaded some tracks before to instagram and youtube and those sound really terrible and differ alot than what i hear when recording… i tried to upload the file but it’s larger the 4mb the forum doesn’t permit …


Import the file back to Cubase and compare, please.

i imported the extracted file and played it inside cubase it has a little difference but is a lot acceptable, looks like it’s the played but the tracks i uploaded to instagram and youtube and even soundcloud did has these issues even when listed to them through a mobile/other-device … sounds very/heavily compressed and as-if a limiter is pushing the sound down when it gets higher … when i record i make sure about the clipping that the visual mixer bar barely gets into red color and my soundcard doesn’t make any distortion when even clipping it has enough headroom 18db … on the other hand i played the file in ableton it doesn’t sound good … a lot of clipping

i uploaded it to dropbox temporary Dropbox - 01.wav - Simplify your life

at most it’s the player potplayer … when played in windows media player it sounds goods ‘no issues like hidden effects’