The mixer fader stops at intermediate values when it's moved fast with a MIDI controller (BUG)

Actual behaviour:

Desired behaviour (Acoustica Mixcraft):

Hi, too little info here, and note that if there was really a bug with faders controlling volume, the forum would be full of complains and quite reasonably :slight_smile:

Please provide your complete binding, midi cc or pitchbend for the volume and your controller’s name if you’re using a third-party script.

I would drop a sine wave onto a track and then automate it and record the output to see if the problem is visual only or also actually has an effect on levels.

Actually, I suppose just opening the automation track and looking at the automation line should be enough.


This is not only a visual glitch. I have tested it by recording an automation track. Also, I noticed that switching the value mode to «Pickup« or «Jump» in MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant solves the issue, but when I go to the MIDI Remote tab, my faders work seamlessly there in any value mode.

Device: M-Audio Oxygen 49
Version: 12.0.52 (PC)

Binding (custom script)