The mixer view of Dorico 5.1: still not adjustable

Hi Daniel,
unfortunately, even with Update 5.1 it is still not possible to scale the mixer again like it was with version 3.5. possible. Back then you could adjust the width of the faders individually and adapt the mixer width to each piece of music. The photo shows the mixer view, which spans 2 screens but still doesn’t show all the instruments. The piece contains 25 instruments, but only a maximum of 20 instruments can be seen, the last 5 instruments (strings) and the reverb fader are no longer visible. And therefore not editable. That means a real restriction that doesn’t have to be there. When will this restriction be resolved? Thanks.

We know that being able to change the width of the Mixer faders is something that would be welcomed by users, and it’s on our backlog for future re-implementation, but I can’t say for sure when it will be done, I’m afraid. The new Mixer introduced in Dorico 4 is built on completely different technical foundations than the old Mixer in Dorico 3.5 and earlier, so allowing the width of the fader to be changed requires reimplementation from scratch.

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I have just noticed that we can’t even scroll it left or right, there is no provision to do it with the mouse and it doesn’t work with the trackpad !

How are we supposed to access the invisible channels ?

Oops sorry, you can actually grab the channels with the mouse and access all the channels you need… my bad !

It is rather awkward to do, it is very easy to change accidentally the volume while grabbing the channels, the only "safe zone is where the names are, which is a small zone !

You should be able to scroll in the Mixer:

Just a suggestion / feature request …

I know this, yet my initial reaction is still always to try to scroll left/right. For those of us with mice that support right/left scrolling, it’s great that this works in Write and Engrave, but it would be nice if worked in Play as well. The L/R tilt scrolls up and down in the top Play panel, but does nothing in the lower.

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Left and Right Swipe with a trackpad in the mixer would be awesome !

Really ??? I mean… I’ve been dragging and dropping all this time and didn’t know about scrolling. Maybe (maybe?) that’s not really intuitive? :see_no_evil::person_shrugging::rofl:
[Edit] I just tried. I’m half mortified, half super-happy. It does work.