The monents I love Nuendo

I’ve not been mixing in surround a lot during the last couple of years, but I am currently working on a 5.1 mix.

I must really say that I was overwhelmed by Nuendo’s surround capabilities when I dived into this side of the software again over the last couple of weeks.
The downmixing and upmixing (iosono plug) capabilities are so immensely flexible, it made me very happy.

Sometimes you forget how amazing the tools we use today really are and this was one of those moments. We all tend to “want more” all the time and there are a lot of situations when I think to myself “I wish it could do this more easily…” but at the moment I just sit back and enjoy the wonders this magic piece of software can do for me.


What for an DD-Encoder do you use? Minnetonka Audio?

The project is for a German broadcaster and needs to be delivered in uncompressed .wav files.


Yep !
Mixing in surround all the time.
The surround panner v5 by itself is way better than other solutions, and I find the Iosono really good for music up mixing, as well as panning (loudness and distance dependent is really really cool !)
And I agree with you. Sometimes it’s only fair to not complain about the little things we don’t have (yet)
We have so much great (and unique) features in one unified tool…

Thank you guys! Good to hear some positive feedback :sunglasses: