The MR Editor Absolutely Sucks.

This attitude is corroborated all over the Internet. Steinberg/Yamaha can do WAY better than this!

I’m sorry, but RME is handing you and everybody else in the industry your asses in the driver/setup department!

Just doing something as simple as routing a S/PDIF signal to my VRM Box in parallel with the analog audio outputs is proving to be completely impossible with this thing.

This is a travesty for a unit that sounds as good as this one does!

Come on, Yamaha, get with the program! Give us some usable, modern routing options! Why be all confusing? RME makes it easy. You could, too.


Agreed. I only got my MR816 because of potential integration into Cubase/Nuendo - integration that is too much trouble than it’s worth and I don’t use it.

The MR Editor is seriously buggy - see my post (over two years old now?) regarding it’s issue resetting the mixer every time you exit Cubase, and that it freezes MY WHOLE COMPUTER every time I then have to change the preset.

Phone up Steinberg and they say it’s Yamaha’s fault, nothing they can do.

Are Yamaha actually doing anything on the MR816 any more? Will these issues EVER get fixed? Or is this device going to go the way of ALL Steinberg hardware - bugs on release that never get fixed, device never really gets very popular due to all the issues, eventually sales decline so much Steinberg just abandon it.

I really have no idea why Steinberg develop hardware sometimes. They ALWAYS fuck it up and must lose so much money every time.

I’ve been surfing eBay for a Fireface UC… I’m starting to have buyers remorse, even though, let me restate: this unit sounds absolutely amazing. Yamaha did a really, really good job with the circuitry on this thing.

If only, IF ONLY they could have come up with better drivers! Why does it have to be that RME makes the only 100% freely routable solution on the market? Why does TotalMix have to rule them all? Any other company could invest the time and resources necessary to write some killer drivers with true internal loopback recording capability, all conceivable routings available, etc.

Why not Yamaha? Why won’t someone else respond and take this seriously? RME doesn’t HAVE to be the only game in town. I loved my HDSP Multiface/PCI setup, but now it’s dead. Nothing I can do about it. I really wanted to try this, and I really, really love how it sounds, but the latency on my 9 year old RME was actually a bit better(!), and the drivers… absolutely no comparison. All this ‘progress’, and in 2011 this is the best the competition has to offer… too bad.

I really hope someone at Yamaha reads this and feels their honor challenged or something and takes it upon themselves to attempt to whip RME’s asses with a total rewrite of the drivers that include everything I’ve listed above, and then some.

I’m listening to Morrissey’s “You Are The Quarry” on my HD650s as I write this, and it really is stunningly good sounding… I’m listening at 96kHz b/c Cubase is open, and even with the source sample rate mismatch (44.1 from Winamp), which I just realized is the case… it sounds immaculate. No artefacts, absolute audio velvet.

If they can get THIS right, and they HAVE, then they can get the bleeding drivers right! Am I right?! :smiling_imp:

Don’t ask a Yamaha 01x owner how much interest Yamaha has in updating driver software unless you want to hear a story of Yamaha’s egregious disinterest in keeping users happy with functional updates. They promised a 64 bit driver for YEARS before announcing they had dropped the idea. My 01x/i88x system was working just fine in XP(32), but building a new computer with a 64 bit OS (prompted by the “promise”) made that system obsolete. To their credit, I got a “Loyalty” half price “upgrade” to the MR816csx.

I think the marketing strategy at Yamaha must be to obsolete hardware in about 18 months. (KX keyboards lasted less than that!) That way, just keep selling new hardware, and leave owners frustrated with the old hardware so they’ll need to keep upgrading.

BTW, the 01x/i88x was accessible through Studio Manager from within Cubase, and had vastly superior routing/automation than the MR816csx. It came as a huge, unhappy surprise to find out the extremely limited access and lack of control I had with the MR816 after all the marketing hype about how tightly it was integrated into Cubase

It seems that there is general agreement that this unit is amazing in the sound department… as for the rest! I am waiting for a ‘fix’ for direct monitoring on the digital in. I was given a workaround by Steinberg support (they were really helpful and wanted to find a solution) which involves me having to set up stereo inputs from a mono source and playing round with panning. It’s a real pain and the result is that I have to record the mono source on a stereo track!!! I mean what is going on here?

I really hope they can address the issues with the routing on this unit as it would really help them sell!!!