The Need For Markers

I hope markers will be added soon. I am using Cubasis for live work and without markers, I am having a hard time locating where playback is in a song.

I have seen this request in other threads.

Cubasis is giving me a great platform for my iPad and I am very pleased with the program so thanks to all.

+1 for markers and some sort of per channel notepad. That said, I really enjoy this app!

Hi guys,

We have the markers on our feature request list! :slight_smile:

Hi, has this been added yet?
I don’t see any mention of it in features.
Sad that it didn’t include this… I too cannot use Cubasis live without markers to stop/start songs at their location.
Otherwise I’d have to leave HUGE gaps in between songs, then somehow try to locate the beginning of the next song.
The markers in Cubase make this a breeze as I can stop right before the next song, and simple press the space bar to start.
Please implement! (if not already done)

Duplicate, please read here: