The New 6.5 Synths

Just downloaded 6.5 and all is working OK expect that very time I open Cubase it asks me if I want to register…
I just wanted to comment on the synths they both have some really good sounds and then again some which to me are totally un-usable-only becuase Im a coward and I like “public” friendly sounds so I tend to keep with good rich synth/string sounds.
My suggestion is why not make synths which are more to do with a particular genre-remember the JVC Roland 1080 expansion cards? The retrologue synth comes close to it but I wish there was something on the horizon similar to reFX Nexus-something that would really blow me away!

And if you ‘check’ already registered?

i hate to say it john but being a gear junkie myself i do have a jv2080 fully loadsed with all 8 cards installed and i am shocked and never thought i would say this but the new synth’s that steingy have made are very good and that is hard for me to say as im not a plugin sort of guy !

well done steiny you certainly have made a couple of cracking synths and all for the rock bottom price of £42


My JVC 1080 is in storage but I still think the sounds on it take a lot of beating!
My register problem seem to be ok now. I updated ELC and seems to be ok now