The new drum sampler is great, but.......

Yeah, Grove Agent SE is top bananas but, I don’t understand why you can’t set individual outputs without first loading a sample into that channel, like you could with the old Groove Agent One. It means you can’t set it up in your template with all outputs set.

Also, if you reset a pad to load in a different sample, that output automatically resets to main. Pain the butt, I forget that every time.

Hope they address that in a future update.

Ok, maybe this is in the wrong forum or something but I would have thought Grove Agent SE is a central part of Cubase for anyone who does drum programming in Cubase, as opposed to using an external plug-ins such as Battery.

Personally I find Grove Agent SE as good as any, apart from the issue I mentioned earlier. For any other multitimbral device I can load it, select how many outputs I want, set its channel outputs and then save as a template.

But Grove Agent SE, unlike the old Grove Agent One, doesn’t allow you to set a pads output unless a sample is loaded into that channel .

Which is a shame. You should be able to launch the plug-in and set outputs for each pad you intend to use before you even start thinking about what samples you intend to use.

Would that not be better than the current method?


GA SE routing is workflow killer !And a “master” output…
Sometimes I wonder are Steinberg engeneers working with their software ?

It’s more than a work flow killer it makes it frigging useless unless you want to spend time on every new bloody project setting up your outputs . Absolute rubbish !

I would make a similar post here.

The problem is that forum doesn’t get near as many looks as here. At least everyone there is discussing Groove Agent.

Im sure Steinberg will move this to the appropriate part of the forum :wink:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback! Have you notice the small “lock” icon in the bottom left corner just beneath the pads? If you set up individual outputs for the pads, you can “lock” the outputs (and the pad colours). When you reset a pad or load a new sample the output settings will be kept.

This way you can create your own kind of drum kit routing template and just replace the samples for your projects.
We are currently working on the full version and loading and replacing samples with all pad settings kept will be easier in the Groove Agent 4 thanks to a dedicated sample browser.

Please keep the feedback coming. We are starting with the beta phase soon.

Thanks for the info…will this also be included as an update in GA 4 SE?

Will there be a way to step through samples in a folder using a pad in Groove Agent SE 4? Something like Previous or Next sample? I find this function absolutely crucial, and the primary reason I’m forced to use another drum sampler.

Also, are samples saved with the Cubase project file so the project is portable when using Groove Agent SE 4?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

but… It is not a drummer :mrgreen:

That’s good news but in the mean time, a work around seems to be to load all the channels you intend to use with any sample, set outputs accordingly, then “lock” . Then, if you want to, remove the samples and save your template.

Phew! Roll on the update :wink:

If you “lock” the outputs and then search through the presets it still does not save the outputs ,you then have too reassign all the outputs AGAIN every time ,very annoying

When replacing a sample via drag and drop from Mediabay, the output will be reset to Kit Mix (even with the lock symbol enabled), in my case. :frowning:

Hi Laserkraft,

The bad news: This is a bug. The good news: We have added it to the backlog and will fix it with the next update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, that’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

Other than that, I have to agree with the op that i really like Beat Agent SE for working with samples (beat production)! I have tried so many samplers (3rd party and DAW specific) to give me back the ease of use of Ableton simpler and this one comes pretty close! One of the reasons i actually switched to Cubase from Logic, because EXS and Ultrabeat are a workflow killer for beat creation.
The undo functionality and a much faster GUI loading time make me also prefer it over Battery 4.

:bulb: Three suggestions from my side:

  1. A layer-specific mute button would be nice for working with layers

  2. You should be able to enable a filter directly by selecting a filter type without having to select the engine, first. It could default to anything, but that “forced” extra click is unnecessary. Or you should be able to save the filter state the same way the Output routing is intended to work with lock enabled.

  3. It seems a bit weird, that the integrated sample browser is only available in the full version. Ok, the Acoustic and Percussion Agents really are features on their own, but Cubase users seeing Mediabay all over the place, but in Groove Agent is a bit sad. :neutral_face:

Any news or work-around when browsing samples thought Mediabay to keep output settings (not reset to the default Kit Mix) ?

It’s still not fixed :cry: Could you please include it in the next update?


still waiting for this to be friggin fixed. i asked about this last year too and it’s still not fixed! what the hell. please fix this problem.

Is it specific to the SE version or the same in the “full” version?

More than 1 year later, can we still consider that as a “good news”??