The new FX Modulator Plugin worth the update price

Dear Steinberg,
I must say that after playing with FX modulator on tracks a new sound designing world has become in my music, very inspiring and simple to use.
Thanks, this and new controller design have changed and simplified a lot of things in my workflow.
After 32 years on Cubase, again Thanks.


Thank you for the kind words! 32 years! Wow!

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Not wishing to be competitive (yeah right!) Pro 16 on Commodore C64 bought from Rod Argent Denmark Street, 1985 user here…to be fair I have been unfaithful over the years but always had a copy and just now moving everything back to C12 after being blown away by C11…latest release is fabulous. Also a huge Dorico fan. Steinberg really have got a great development team now. Congratulations!


That’s great! Just a fun fact: Werner Kracht, who was the key developer of Pro 16, is still with Steinberg today and is still contributing to Cubase.