The new Media Bay nightmare - dream sequence

Am I the only who misses the convenient drop down menu in the zoned Media Bay? Was really easy to access different sample categories in 903, without having to navigate forth and back, including the wait for the list to repopulate. My libs come from a striped SSD volume, yet its still slow as hell.

Also, various options are missing, for instance the button to flatten the file hierarchy. One now has to click around like an idiot to get to see stuff. Also, no list view? Fat, chunky folder icons only? Nice, more scrolling, less accessibility, longer wait. Good to see things are finally going downhills on one end, as progress is made on another.

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Before :

After :

you’re not alone
Previously in this drop-down menu we had all sorts of options. now I see only favorites. Where the hell should we look for factory content

well, I guess that applies not only to Factory Content, but also any custom defined location. fecked.

We lost the mini browser too but we gained 7 filters (instead of the previous 3) in the loop browser.
I have the problem with workspaces too.
They don’t remember media bay and loop browser position. Is it only for me or does it happen to you too?


Could one of you guys help out by checking if the mediabay in 9.5 still performs user content rescans at startup (occurs since V7)

Many thanks.

Same behavior…unfortunately.

Wow…really…that sucks. Seriously i can’t get my head round this. Though it has not wound me up as much as how long it took them to fix expression maps track recall! Its still very bad behavior.

I can’t even get my media bay to function, it gets about halfway through scanning my sample library and hits a wall and then crashes if I try to preview or drag any samples, worse yet is the fact that my Cubase 9.5 also crashes if I try to drag midi/audio from my windows File Explorer. What the heck gives, Steinberg. Do you guys even test these releases?

I guess I’m the only one or at least one of the few that hates MediaBay. In my opinion it is badly conceived and developed from the beginning. I suppose that deepening in its operation it could become decently useful, but I am not willing to devote hours to its detailed study. I prefer to dedicate them to music

Wow! I am beginning to be thankful that I don’t download the extra content and have gigs worth of samples. I have never used media bay, What are, should I say, were the advantages of Media Bay. I just tend to play stuff or get others to play for me.

The trouble is even if you do not use all the content (like you and me and others) all your user vst presets and track presets are handled by Media bays crapped out engine.

Has anyone figured out any way to get Media Bay working properly? It’s still a 75% chance that every time I open up Cubase my Media Bay just flat out doesn’t work and trying to click on any audio or midi file absolutely crashes 9.5, I’ve had to use the File Browser in the right side panels and even now that stops working occasionally. I’m at my wits end with this software.

did you find a solution to this? i can’t search for anything in mediabay without it crashing
no reply from steinberg support
really fed up i use a mac

any suggestions appreciated

The same thing!
Just freeze and don’t response.

I found a half-solution for myself as resonic player. It have nice and quick file browser you can drag and drop from it right to cubase (don’t forget NOT to run it as administrator for this in windows), and it have search engine (activeted in properities file list filter). Scanning subfolder on alt+click.
Unfortunately free version doesn’t see rex files. And the paid one is quite expansive.

But hey! I’d like to make this in Media browser inside the Cubase!))))

Resonic is indeed a very good example for a brilliant database tool. It’s written by a single austrian dude. Even more ridiculous that Steinberg with all their manpower does not manage to put together something similarly performant.

Resonic is AFAIK developed by a team of people who have been working on this one thing only for the past 5 years.

The MediaBay, even with its quirks, is still far superior to the media browsers included with almost every other DAW. I believe that it’s currently in the process of receiving a couple of tweaks.

The File Browser to the left should have a Factory Content folder. Does it not show up for you?

I see R.T. has posted while I was writing… I’ll presson at the risk of being redundant.

There were some changes to Mediabay in the Right Zone for 9.5

The Custom Defined Locations are now called Favorites, and maybe you have to redo them. This takes about 6 seconds.

Open the big Mediabay with its file browser section open. Select a folder, say, Factory Content, and click the Star icon at the top right of the section. Repeat for the others you want in the drop down menu.

None of the things cited as missing here are missing. Your manner of clicking around might be causing it. :wink: Have you tried clicking like a genius, or at least a half-wit? :stuck_out_tongue: But no matter- if you click on the words “Show All Items” you get the detailed view.

On my current system, and on my old Mac system, and on the systems I see in my work, Media bay works correctly, and it does for tens of thousands of Cubendo users who are not subscribed to this thread.

If yours is not working, there’s something up with your system. Ask for help in troubleshooting, or if you find an actual bug, do report it. If you know how it works, and want it to change, request a feature.

On my current system, and on my old Mac system, and on the systems I see in my work, Media bay works correctly

  • did you use file browser? Cause I found that it occurs when I try to load via it some rx2 and audio files. And I didn’t see this problem in earlier version.

What occurs? If you want me to try some rx2 files, zip some and upload here, I’m happy to test.

I downloaded a bunch of rx2 files, turned on scanning for the folder they are in, and Mediabay read them.